Sunset Cruise: The Boston Harbor Dinner Cruise is a 2-hour excursion that includes live entertainment, dancing and a view of the Boston skyline at night. Guests can also enjoy a three-course meal and drinks. This excursion is offered during the summer months.

Anclote Key Preserve State Park is a 440-acre nature preserve located in the Gulf of Mexico. The four islands that make up the preserve have clear, blue-green waters and undeveloped soft sandy beaches. It also has a marine tidal swamp and slash pine forest. There are a variety of activities to take part in during your visit. One of the best is snorkeling, as the water is very clear and a great place to see fish and other sea creatures. Another is kayaking. You can rent a kayak at the park's Sponge Docks, where they offer guided tours.

The Music Hall hosts live music for those who love live music. You can also check out the bars and lounges. You can also learn how to surf, rock climb, and basketball. The Odyssey of the Seas does not have an Aqua Theatre, unlike other cruise ships. You can still swim with nurse sharks and dolphins, or take a reptile tour.

The Royal Theater on the Odyssey of the Seas serves as the ship's main stage. It offers guests a unique experience with professional performers, excellent lighting, and fantastic decors. At night, two grand shows are presented.

Anclote Key Preserve State Park, a nature preserve covering 440 acres in the Gulf of Mexico, is located. The preserve consists of four islands with clear, blue-green water and undeveloped beaches made from soft sandy sand. There is also a marine tidal marsh and a slash pine wood. You can take part in a number of activities during your stay. Snorkeling is a popular activity. The water is clear and it is a great spot to view fish and other marine creatures. Kayaking is another option. The park offers guided tours and you can rent a kayak from the Sponge Docks.

Odyssey Whale Watch: The Odyssey Cruises' Whale Watch is an excellent way to see whales off the coast of Casco Bay. Depending on where you choose to go, you may be able to spot minke, humpback, finback, and other marine mammals. Some tours also include encounters with sharks and sea turtles. Guests will learn about the different species that inhabit the area and will gain insight into the history and maritime culture of New England.

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Historical Lighthouse

Anclote Key also offers many other activities, such as visiting the historical lighthouse. The structure has been partially restored and now features interpretive signage. On Open House days, the lighthouse can be climbed. Shell collecting is another fun activity. You can also take a ferry ride if you don't own a water vessel. Camping is permitted on the north end Anclote Key. Be sure to bring your camping gear and water. You can allow pets on the island's north end, but they must be on a leash.

Dolphin Adventure

A two-hour Dolphin Adventure Island Cruise is available onboard the ship. There are four swimming pools aboard. One pool is reserved for adults only. There are also two hot tubs. Other merits of the ship include a small but comfortable deckhouse with a bar and lounge area, as well as a few state-ofthe-art rooms.

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Theater Of The Sea Odyssey Cruises offers many attractions for passengers. There's something for everyone, from Broadway shows to live music. You can even take a rest on the beach by the lagoon. Odyssey of the Seas offers a wide range of dining options in addition to the many fun activities. You can choose from fine or casual dining and many restaurants offer cuisines not available onboard.


The Florida Cracker Airboat Tour is a great choice if you're interested in taking an airboat trip. The tour includes a guide who will lead you through the wetlands ecosystem. You will be able to see some of the smallest creatures that live in this area. The captain will also tell you stories about the history of the area. Island Cruise: The Odyssey Cruises Island Cruise is a great option if you're looking for a ship with a wide range of cruise options, both in the Aegean and Pacific. This vessel was originally built in 1984 as a private yacht. It has been extensively renovated. It is now a Canadian Ministry of Transport certified passenger vessel.

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Other specialty excursions include lunch and brunch cruises. During these excursions, guests can enjoy a delicious three-course meal and drink unlimited coffee and tea on the cash bar. With advance notice, cruises can accommodate dietary restrictions. If you plan to participate in one of these excursions, make sure you check their website to find the appropriate dates.

Florida has a lot of boat rides. There are many airboat rides that you can take in the Everglades, for example. A glass-bottomed boat is another great option. These boats are often only available for short tours and can make it difficult to predict how they will perform.

A two-hour Dolphin Adventure Island Cruise is available onboard the ship. There are four swimming pools aboard. One pool is reserved for adults only. There are also two hot tubs. Other merits of the ship include a small but comfortable deckhouse with a bar and lounge area, as well as a few state-ofthe-art rooms.

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Key West Dolphins

Key West Dolphins

The Island Odyssey has a large deckhouse that can be used for relaxation and offers a library and a salon. You can also rent kayaks or consult a natural history book.

For those who enjoy live music, there's the Music Hall, which hosts live bands. There are also numerous bars and lounges to check out. You can also try your hand at basketball, rock climbing, or a surf simulator. Unlike some other cruise ships, the Odyssey of the Seas doesn't have an Aqua Theatre. However, you can still enjoy a swimming with dolphins or nurse sharks, or even take a reptile tour.

An Odyssey Cruise is a unique tour that takes you to the sea to learn and explore the natural history of the area. They offer a 1-hour nature cruise, and a 1-hour seashelling cruise.

Dolphin Boat Tour

LeBarge tropical cruises is, as its name suggests, a floating island that feels like a floating palace. The award-winning ship has a multitude of amenities, including a well-maintained lobby, one the best spas in the country, and the highly sought after staterooms. The company employs only the best staff and offers complimentary Wi-Fi. There is also a fully stocked bar and many activities for the most sexy males. You could sip mai tais while you wait in the vessel's bowels before watching the latest movie on the big screen, depending on your itinerary. You'll have the opportunity to participate in many educational and fun activities, including skydiving.

During the tour, the captain will give a brief commentary about marine animals. Passengers may even spot large pods of dolphins and whales, including finback and humpback. You will also likely see basking sharks, ocean sunfish, and North Atlantic white-sided dolphins. The Odyssey Cruises' Whale Watch offers tours that last four hours. You can also book private group tours. They offer free return trips and a range of activities.

Odyssey Cruises is a sister company to Spirit Cruises and offers similar excursions. The Starlight Dinner Cruise, which is half the length of the usual Spirit Cruises excursion but just as affordable, is much shorter. Customers who use the code SpiritBOS can get a $30 discount on their Uber Spirit Cruises ride.

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Shell Island Cruises
Shell Island Cruises

The ship even has a two-hour Dolphin Adventure Island Cruise. There are four pools onboard. One is exclusive for adults. In addition, there are two hot tubs. The ship's other merits include a small, but oh-so-comfy deckhouse with a small lounge, bar, and a few state-of-the-art rooms.

Sunset Cruise: This 2-hour excursion includes live entertainment, dancing, and a stunning view of Boston's skyline at night. You can also enjoy a 3-course meal with drinks. This excursion can be taken during summer months.

Odyssey Cruises' sister company, Spirit Cruises, offers similar excursions. Their Starlight Dinner Cruise is shorter than the typical Spirit Cruises excursion, but is just as affordable. There is also a $30 discount on a Spirit Cruises Uber ride for customers who use the coupon code SpiritBOS.

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When you book an Odyssey Cruise, you'll get a one-of-a-kind tour that will take you out to the water to explore and learn about the natural history of the area. In addition to their dolphin/adventure cruises, they also offer a one-hour nature cruise and a one-hour sea shelling cruise.

Boat rides in Florida: Florida's coastline is home to thousands of miles of shoreline, rivers, and beaches. These waterways offer a wide range of activities. Florida boat rides are a great way to see the state's natural beauty. There are many options for snorkeling and diving in the water. Guided tours allow you to view the wildlife and history of the area.

Eight cabins are available on board the ship. They are fully equipped with every luxury cruise liner's amenities. These cabins include air conditioning, mini-bars, and a sofa. Two twin beds are available in each room. Three hot shower heads are available in each room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Soft drinks, beer, wine, and our famous margaritas are available for purchase on board. You are more than welcome to bring food on board, but please have no drinks.

Tours usually run in light rain and minimally poor weather conditions. If we decide the weather conditions are unsafe, we will cancel the tour. Weather conditions are monitored right up to the departure time and cancellations are made by Odyssey Cruises up to one hour prior to departure. If we cancel the tour, you will have the opportunity to reschedule based on availability or receive a credit for a future tour. All of our boats have a roof that runs the length of the boat. Don’t be too disappointed if your tour departs in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Our tours have taken in light rain and often experience the best wildlife and dolphin shows.

Each tour is a unique experience and no two tours are exactly alike. While the Dolphin Cruise Tarpon Springs fl is the main attraction for most tours, we will be seeing a variety of wildlife including nesting osprey, herons, egrets, and sometimes endangered species like manatees and sea turtles.